Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shelter Loves...

The week ended on a super busy note, so here's the Saturday edition! I have a number of exciting opportunities going on at Shelter, I am wide eyed and searching for fresh inspiration! Here what's on my radar. Have a fabulous weekend! I use the Super bowl as an excuse to stuff my face with chips, dip, wings and chili! Go Pats! xx

1. Stripes are still abound for the Spring. I'm loving this little off the shoulder number. I may have a long, warm, sun filled weekend in my near future. This top may need to travel with me!
2. I am always in search of a gorgeous colorful lantern that doesn't break the bank. I recently found this one!
3. This purse does break the bank but it's so damn cute. I definitely have a side that appreciates the prep factor!
4. My friend had these adorable leather earrings on the other day! 
5. Anemone's are a favorite! I love to keep fresh flowers in vase on my counter, especially in the winter. 
6. Word. 
7. These chairs. I am also designing a custom banquette (but think a recessed kick base would be more practical) for a client! I dream of windows like this.

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