Friday, April 20, 2018

Love the look - transitional style

Happy Friday! I saw the Broadway musical 'On your Feet' last night, needless to say I've been singing Gloria Estefan songs all day. It's a fun one if you are looking for a night out. I'm looking forward to pulling my Spring clothing to the front of the closet. Here's the a pretty classic outfit for transitional weather. Have a fabulous weekend. Those are the perfect cropped kick flare jean by the way and the price won't break the bank. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Beach House Chic

One of the responsibilities of an interior designer is to create a cohesive plan throughout a home. This beach house located in The Hamptons is ridiculously large (12,000 square feet) but the interior designer was still able to design a warm, inviting environment using a beautiful blend of organic textiles, finishes, space planning and furnishings. See more images here. Starting with a strong concept can make all the difference in the world. Interior designer Tamara Magel was inspired by European farmhouses.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Shelter Loves...

Ahhh school vacation week is always interesting! I'm balancing the kids and work this week so I can't promise epic posts..It's torrential out and feels more like January than April, so they aren't even able to go outside. Today I'm sharing Friday's post. Here's what I pinned and adored last week. 

1. Springy interiors like Sarah Bartholomew's latest project. It's on the cover of Traditional Home. It's all sorts of traditional with a twist and very cheery! Photographed by Emily Followill. Written by Tori Mellott
2. Who wants a personalized monogram? I do, I do! This one is from Etsy
3. This dress looks sweet on. I'm feeling eyelet this season. 
4. My clients still request classic subway tile, I love the detail a liner adds.
5. Lord, I can't wait till white tshirt season! 
6. Des Linden and Kawauchi kicked butt today. The conditions for running were horrible but they sailed across the finish line beautifully. It's inspirational watching all the runners. Des is from the USA and Japanese runner Yuki won the marathon in my town this winter!! Congrats to everyone who braved the weather and ran the race, it's not an easy feat!!!
7. This Elsie de Wolfe resonates with me today! There is nothing more rewarding career wise for me than a project that turns out beautifully and a very happy client!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Love the look - The Shopbop Sale

Hello, hello!!  Shopbop's "Event of the Season Sale" is going on for the next three days, receive 20% off on orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite Spring picks. Floral prints/motifs, knotted sandals, feminine white tops and dresses, unique handbags, anything from Ulla Johnson, shades of pink and comfy slides are all tops on my style radar. Be sure to use code EVENT18 when checking out. Happy Shopping and hello Spring! xx


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Cutting Garden

While I have blooms on my mind, I thought I'd share a summer goal with you! As you may recall, last year, my mission was to plant a thriving herb garden, well.... it kind of failed. The pots I planted did well but the herbs did not get enough sun and never really took off, hence my lack of photos on the blog. While I still plan to grow herbs in another location, my aim this year is to grow a small flower cutting garden. My daughter and I have been reading a sweet book every night before bed; How Now, by Raphael Cushnir. I bought it years ago but my eight year old is enjoying every suggestion and I am loving the quiet time with her before bed. The latest daily "celebration" detailed discovering your quality of "openness" to trying new things. With this concept, the goal is to realize every moment and day can carry a fresh new perspective and discovery! This passage had me thinking of my own life. The intent is to step out of your comfort zone and continually try something fresh..This can be something as simple as cooking a new food you have never tried to a larger venture. I've never cultivated and have always wanted to attempt to grow a cutting garden so it's on the top of my "NEVER before" to do list! I'm looking forward to tagging along with my friend Julia on her yearly garden store run for seeds and blooms! I'm also purchasing these two beautiful books to help me out! The first, Martha's latest release: Martha's Flowers. (this would make a lovely Mother's Day gift)
Purchase here 
A peek inside

The second, is by gardener Elizabeth Benzakein from the GORGEOUS Floret Farm in Mount Vernon, Washington. Her instagram page is also an inspiring visual treat. Elizabeth's book: Floret's Farm: Cut Flower Garden (another fabulous Mother's Day gift idea)

image via 

I am by NO means suggesting my blooms or garden will look like this, but "goals" are good!! 🙌🙌🙌 hehe

And a few more inspiring cutting gardens:

Image via 

Via Town and Country Magazine

and the arrangement possibility ideas are endless:

Monday, April 9, 2018


I desperately want to transform everything around me into something glorious and organized. Happy Monday, peeps. Let's kill this week!! xx

Tory Burch

via Pencil and Paper Co. 


Aerin Lauder 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Shelter Loves

Hello all and Happy Friday!!!!  I'm here with my LOVES today. I hope to grab some time this weekend to get inspired, I have a stack of magazines I want to peruse and a fairly laid back weekend planned. I mean obviously I'll be driving my children all over but most sporting events are in town this weekend! I'm in the midst of designing a number of kitchen. I enjoy how each is different and reflects the needs, styles, and desires of my clients, threes of which I have been working with for years. One of the best parts of my job are the relationships I form with an array people. 

1. I am ready to change out my bedding, bedding gets worn looking after a few years and I tend to gravitate towards light fresh colors. These sheets from Julia B. are STUNNING. I am not sure I would dare sleep on the pillow cases, they are too pretty. I could always layer them with simple white sheets. I have my eye on these too. 
2. This is the perfect spring outfit for Boston. I adore creamy white and pale colors together. I am all about the cropped flare pant right now, some may disagree, but I find them flattering and feminine.
3. YES! I need to practice these words! I also need to shut off my brain once in a while.
4. Have I mentioned that if I was not a designer, I would have wanted to be a dermatologist? I am slightly obsessed with skincare and have held onto my own lashes but enhance them more every chance I get. This serum adds volume and length
5. I'm jumping on the pink shoe trend, these cuties will end up in my cart today! They are 50% off!!!
6. Kitchens, kitchens and more kitchens are on my mind/radar. In fact, I'm off to choose stone right now with a client..I am starting to pin inspo for my latest project, it's going to include a fabulous, large, dark island with brass hardware!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Love the look

Hola!! I am not going to sit here and complain about the weather (although it is tempting) but I will say this, I'm over wearing my winter coats..... that means it's officially blazer season here in Boston. I usually pair mine with a tank top or tee for the high low look Emanuelle loves! I also like to wear a belt with these jeans, it finishes off the look. These are adorable!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cottage Love #60 - Spring updates

As most of you know, I am not afraid to wear or use color in my projects. I always balance any saturated color and repeated pattern designs with quiet neutrals. This creates a sense of calm and cohesion throughout a home. I came across this adorable home in Better Homes and Gardens and just had to share it! Designer Amanda Reynal created a cozy cottage feel filled with graphic moments and plenty of charm for her childhood friend. I've also shared my tips and tricks for updating and refreshing your home for the Spring. 

 Ten ways to update your home this Spring

1. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Don't be afraid to add a splash of color to a small space such as an entry or powder room.
2. Switch out tired and "typical" light fixtures. New light fixtures are a wonderful way to introduce a new look into your home.
3. Purchase new bedding for your bedroom. Nothing says Spring like crisp new bedding! This small change is a real treat.
4. Bring beautiful flowers indoors and create arrangements around your home.
5. Clean!! Toss and donate old, outdated objects, furniture and rugs. 
7. Add wallpaper! There are tons of amazing patterns and prints available. I love what a transformation wallpaper makes!
8. Lacquer a small piece of furniture in a bright pop color.
9. Purchase some new pillows for your living and family room.
10. Rearrange your furniture and display new accessories.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Table Setting - Julia B.

Clearly, I have a love for beautiful interiors and design but ask anyone who knows me - I always notice the details! In my world, the final layering pieces are just as important as the grand design concepts. I have an affinity for good quality linens and vintage inspired tableware. I'm not hosting Easter this year but I will have the absolute pleasure of enjoying dinner at my parent's home. My mother has a talent and eye for making everything look perfect and she is a wonderful cook! 

Lucky for us, this month's issue of Veranda featured the lovely family estate of Julia B. Julia's linen collections and monogram designs are stunning. I use her line whenever I have the opportunity. A bedroom and dining room just don't feel complete without fine linens and beautiful dishes/china/glassware and silver. Julia's latest venture includes a gorgeous tabletop collection that incorporates dinnerware, glassware, table linens and silver. The patterns are inspired by her travels to Italy. Julia recently displayed her designs at an al fresco luncheon on her Northern California property. The entire shoot is perfection and a delightful inspiration for anyone planning to entertain with guests soon.....perhaps, even this weekend! Cheers! xx

Julia on her family's seventy-four acre estate

I adore this idea!


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